Codycross Australia Group 1006 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: Australian City That Hosted The 2000 Olympic Games
Solution: Sydney

Question: Cooking Verb That Sounds Like A Golden Girl
Solution: Blanch

Question: Describes Having Been Turned To Liquid By Heating
Solution: Molten

Question: Every Cloud Has A Silver One
Solution: Lining

Question: Four Of These Chase Pac Man Around His Maze
Solution: Ghosts

Question: Gland That Produces Melatonin
Solution: Pineal

Question: Large Paintings That Fill Walls
Solution: Murals

Question: Libyan Port Site Of WWII Siege
Solution: Tobruk

Question: List Of Items Or Issues Dealt With In A Meeting
Solution: Agenda

Question: North American French Colony Capital Port Royal
Solution: Acadia

Question: Peninsula That Includes Spain And Portugal
Solution: Iberia

Question: Reaction To Something Extremely Awkward
Solution: Cringe

Question: Reticulated The Worlds Longest Snake
Solution: Python

Question: The First Name Of A Disney Duck And A US President
Solution: Donald

Question: The Part Of The Song Sung After Every Verse
Solution: Chorus

Question: The Patron Saint Of Translators
Solution: Jerome

Question: The Wizard From The Arthurian Legends
Solution: Merlin

Question: Talk With Linda Richmond
Solution: Coffee

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