Codycross Australia Group 1006 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: African Great Lake Between DRC And Rwanda
Solution: Lake kivu

Question: Artificial Palm Resort Built In Dubai
Solution: Jumeirah

Question: Date To Remember Deaths In Duty Of Armed Forces
Solution: Poppy day

Question: German WWI Ace Manfred Von Richthofen
Solution: Red baron

Question: Harvey Two Face In Batman Forever Tommy
Solution: Lee jones

Question: Headache With Light Sensitivity Nausea
Solution: Migraine

Question: Items Worn On The Body
Solution: Clothing

Question: Mexican American Actor And Misfit Of Magic
Solution: Ed alonzo

Question: Mirror Image Design Like A Butterflys Wings
Solution: Symmetry

Question: Name Of Taylor Swifts 2020 Album
Solution: Folklore

Question: Nationality Of Tennis Star Dominic Thiem
Solution: Austrian

Question: Person Who Arranges Incoming Shipments Of Goods
Solution: Importer

Question: Quickly Flick Through A Book To Get The Gist
Solution: Skim read

Question: Ronald Wrote Death Of The Novel And Other Stories
Solution: Sukenick

Question: Soy Sauce Mixed With Pineapple Juice Brown Sugar
Solution: Teriyaki

Question: Spine Toting Headless Horseman In Irish Legend
Solution: Dullahan

Question: Stanleys Surname In A Streetcar Named Desire
Solution: Kowalski

Question: Supporter Promoter Backer
Solution: Advocate

Question: TV Drama Starring Mandy Moore And Milo Ventimiglia
Solution: This is us

Question: Water Carrying Sign Of The Zodiac
Solution: Aquarius

Question: Word Game With Double And Triple Letter Squares
Solution: Scrabble

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