Codycross Australia Group 1005 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: 1997 Jodie Foster Movie About Alien Interactions
Solution: Contact

Question: A Rebirth Of A Cultural Movement Or Style
Solution: Revival

Question: Belgian City That Hosted The 1920 Olympics
Solution: Antwerp

Question: Caribbean Island Country With The Capital Kingston
Solution: Jamaica

Question: Costa Spanish Coast Of Light Around Cadiz
Solution: De la luz

Question: Hillarys Sherpa Companion On First Everest Ascent
Solution: Tenzing

Question: Interwoven Like Hair
Solution: Braided

Question: John Author Of The Pelican Brief And Runaway Jury
Solution: Grisham

Question: Old Word For One Who Tries Or Attempts Something
Solution: Assayer

Question: Sacred Hindu Text Of Vedic Hymns
Solution: Rigveda

Question: Storehouse For Animal Feed Or Grains
Solution: Granary

Question: Surgical Stitches
Solution: Sutures

Question: Thin Flat Snack Companion To Cheese
Solution: Cracker

Question: Turkish Palace Once Home To Ottoman Sultans
Solution: Topkapi

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