Codycross Australia Group 1004 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: Art Created By Combining Objects On A Surface
Solution: Collage

Question: In Norse Mythology Thor Is The God Of This
Solution: Thunder

Question: Lap Or Route Loop That Electricity Runs Around
Solution: Circuit

Question: Number Of Squares In One Row Of A Scrabble Board
Solution: Fifteen

Question: Past Participle Of The Verb Bring
Solution: Brought

Question: Reindeer Skin Boots Worn By The Inuit
Solution: Mukluks

Question: Rene New Nordic Chef Owner Of Denmarks Noma
Solution: Redzepi

Question: The Black Iron Ball Used In Quidditch
Solution: Bludger

Question: The Consideration Aretha Franklin Asked For
Solution: Respect

Question: The Part Of The Throat Behind The Nose And Mouth
Solution: Pharynx

Question: To Find A Solution
Solution: Resolve

Question: Vonn Four Time Overall World Cup Ski Champion
Solution: Lindsey

Question: Takeovers When Firms Change Hands Unwillingly
Solution: Hostile

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