Codycross Architectural Styles Group 1169 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Architectural Styles

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Codycross Architectural Styles Answers

Question: A Blue Whale Eats Half A Million Calories In One
Solution: Mouthful

Question: Capital Of Brazil Since 1960
Solution: Brasilia

Question: Folded Carton For Breakfast Juices Or Milk
Solution: Tetra pak

Question: Keyboard Playing Musicians
Solution: Pianists

Question: Knitted Long Sleeved Sweater With Buttons
Solution: Cardigan

Question: Made A Court Decision
Solution: Adjudged

Question: Ron Weasleys Pet Rat
Solution: Scabbers

Question: Skin Worn Rough
Solution: Callused

Question: Stick At It Dont Stop
Solution: Keep it up

Question: The Action Of Dropping Off Packages
Solution: Delivery

Question: Unknown Person
Solution: Stranger

Question: Treanor Who Won Gold Medals In Volleyball
Solution: Misty may

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