Codycross Architectural Styles Group 1167 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Architectural Styles

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Codycross Architectural Styles Answers

Question: A New Room Added To An Existing Building
Solution: Extension

Question: American State Known For Jambalaya And Beignet
Solution: Louisiana

Question: Captivate Mesmerize Like A Magician
Solution: Spellbind

Question: James Gunn Hit Marvel Film Of The Galaxy
Solution: Guardians

Question: Number Of Pilots Who Sang Ride And Stressed Out
Solution: Twenty one

Question: Playground Game Involving Jumping On Squares
Solution: Hopscotch

Question: Recently Married Couples Vacation
Solution: Honeymoon

Question: Russian Grandmothers
Solution: Babushkas

Question: Six Point Score In American Football
Solution: Touchdown

Question: Someone Who Helps The Perpetrator Commit A Crime
Solution: Accessory

Question: Tallest Of The Three Camel Species
Solution: Dromedary

Question: The Male Equivalent Of A Bridesmaid
Solution: Groomsman

Question: Worked In A Bank Handling Money
Solution: Cashiered

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