Codycross Architectural Styles Group 1167 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Architectural Styles

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Codycross Architectural Styles Answers

Question: A Designers Workshop Or Studio
Solution: Atelier

Question: Ariels Seagull Friend Who Often Mislabels Things
Solution: Scuttle

Question: Cheerful Full Of Vim
Solution: Chipper

Question: Common Childhood Malady That Can Affect Hearing
Solution: Earache

Question: Greek Hero Who Was Turned Into A Stag
Solution: Actaeon

Question: Instant Messaging App With Chat Servers
Solution: Discord

Question: Island Where Bob Marley Is From
Solution: Jamaica

Question: Overnight Roosting Spot For Flying Mammals
Solution: Bat cave

Question: School Course Like French Or Mathematics
Solution: Subject

Question: Stone Age Hand Tools For Shaping Wood
Solution: Chisels

Question: Vast Expanses Of LEDs At The Window Are Lights
Solution: Curtain

Question: Eaters Of Austria Famous Imbibers Of Poisons
Solution: Arsenic

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