Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 197 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: 1990s Star Trek TV Series NASA Space Mission
Solution: Voyager

Question: 90s Star Trek TV Series NASA Space Program
Solution: Voyager

Question: Appliance With Slots To Cook Bread
Solution: Toaster

Question: Birth Surname Of Pope John Paul II
Solution: Wojtyla

Question: Cotton Like Fluffy Clouds
Solution: Cumulus

Question: Country In North Africa Capital Is Rabat
Solution: Morocco

Question: Creature With The Head Of An Eagle Body Of A Lion
Solution: Griffin

Question: Follicle Cleansing Liquid
Solution: Shampoo

Question: Homers Two Major Epic Poems The Iliad And The
Solution: Odyssey

Question: Insulin Device From Eli Lilly
Solution: Humapen

Question: Interpretation Rendition Account
Solution: Version

Question: It Cannot Change Its Spots
Solution: Leopard

Question: It Holds The Guts
Solution: Abdomen

Question: Long Thin With Elongated Jaws And Sharp Teeth
Solution: Garfish

Question: Louis 1st Pilot To Cross The English Channel
Solution: Blériot

Question: Made Witty Remarks
Solution: Quipped

Question: Modifies Slightly
Solution: Adjusts

Question: Netted Holes On A Pool Table
Solution: Pockets

Question: Paris The Citys Government 1789 To 1795
Solution: Commune

Question: Pipe Cleaner
Solution: Plumber

Question: Placed On The Side By The Axis Stem
Solution: Adaxial

Question: Suitable Arrangement Of Parts Colors Or Sounds
Solution: Harmony

Question: The Of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde
Solution: Picture

Question: To Turn A Liquid Into A Substance Resembling Jelly
Solution: Congeal

Question: Willpower And Commitment
Solution: Resolve

Question: With Gibson Developed Industrial Polyethylene
Solution: Fawcett

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