Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 193 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: Pregunta Means This In Spanish
Solution: Question

Question: Body Of Water In Indonesian Maluku Islands
Solution: Banda sea

Question: Clothing Worn To Get Into The Water
Solution: Swimsuit

Question: Country Freed From Italian Rule At Battle Of Adwa
Solution: Ethiopia

Question: Disinfectant Soap
Solution: Carbolic

Question: Includes Bologna Turkey Aka Lunch Meats
Solution: Cold cuts

Question: Influential Mighty
Solution: Powerful

Question: Influential Mighty Potent
Solution: Powerful

Question: It Holds Something In Place
Solution: Retainer

Question: Leaps Out Of A Plane For Sport
Solution: Skydives

Question: Lonely Boy Ottawa Born Crooner
Solution: Paul anka

Question: Manufacturer Of Sandwich Toasters
Solution: Breville

Question: Most Obvious Star Cluster Seen On The Night Sky
Solution: Pleiades

Question: Not Yet A Sapling
Solution: Seedling

Question: One Shouldnt Make A Mountain Out Of This
Solution: Molehill

Question: Open Car For Two Persons
Solution: Roadster

Question: Picasso And Michelangelo Were And Much More
Solution: Painters

Question: Pictionary Is A Game Where You Draw The Word
Solution: Guessing

Question: Reply Or Reaction
Solution: Response

Question: Romeos Last Name In Shakespeares Play
Solution: Montague

Question: Street Toughs
Solution: Hoodlums

Question: Substance That Is Breathed Into The Lungs
Solution: Inhalant

Question: Tax Exempt Shopping Areas At Airports
Solution: Duty free

Question: They Help Neurons Talk To Each Other In The Body
Solution: Synapses

Question: To Cut Tear To Hurt
Solution: Lacerate

Question: To Plan Appointments At Certain Times
Solution: Schedule

Question: Christmas Is Celebrated On January 7
Solution: Orthodox

Question: Interest Interest On Top Of Interest
Solution: Compound

Question: For Better Or Wedding Vow
Solution: For worse

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