Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 193 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: A Winter Olympic Sport
Solution: Bobsleigh

Question: A Temporary Suspension Of Hostilities In A War
Solution: Armistice

Question: Boat That Travels Over Water With Underwater Wings
Solution: Hydrofoil

Question: Dorset Model Town Developed By Prince Charles
Solution: Poundbury

Question: Famous 1969 US Music And Art Festival
Solution: Woodstock

Question: Field Takes Closer Look At Rocks
Solution: Lithology

Question: German Candy Made Of Chocolate And Coconut Oil
Solution: Ischoklad

Question: Ghanaian Diplomat And Nobel Peace Prize Recipient
Solution: Kofi annan

Question: In The Other Direction To Descending
Solution: Ascending

Question: Orange Branded Liqueur A Triple Sec From France
Solution: Cointreau

Question: Personal Driver
Solution: Chauffeur

Question: Shoes That Make A Person Look Taller
Solution: High heels

Question: Strong Carnivorous Mammal Of The Weasel Family
Solution: Wolverine

Question: Taking Action To Correct Previous Wrongdoing
Solution: Atonement

Question: The Best Seller By Paulo Coelho
Solution: Alchemist

Question: They Make For Wavy Nights
Solution: Waterbeds

Question: To Cleanse Or Kill Germs
Solution: Disinfect

Question: To Cleanse Sanitize Or Kill Germs
Solution: Disinfect

Question: Type Of Crab
Solution: Softshell

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