Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 193 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: A Negative Turns Out Positive As A In Disguise
Solution: Blessing

Question: An Introduction Or Preface At The Start Of A Book
Solution: Preamble

Question: Berry Plants That Can Be Red Black Or White
Solution: Currants

Question: Brand Of Stain Fighter
Solution: Oxiclean

Question: Feline Anti Hero Associated With Batman
Solution: Catwoman

Question: Italian Crispy Breadsticks
Solution: Grissini

Question: Marcus Roman Emperor Writer Of Meditations
Solution: Aurelius

Question: Place Used For Recreation Inside
Solution: Game room

Question: Salad Sauce
Solution: Dressing

Question: Small Metal Object Used To Remove Unwanted Hairs
Solution: Tweezers

Question: Sweet Melon Sounds Like Moist Nectar
Solution: Honeydew

Question: This Person Will Take The Devil Out Of You
Solution: Exorcist

Question: To Abhor Loathe
Solution: Execrate

Question: Tomb Day A National Holiday In China
Solution: Sweeping

Question: Traditional Culture Communicated Orally
Solution: Folklore

Question: Woven Textile Art
Solution: Tapestry

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