Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 193 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: AOC French Brandy From The Charente Region
Solution: Cognac

Question: California Desert Home To The Death Valley
Solution: Mojave

Question: City In Europe Where St Pauls Cathedral Is
Solution: London

Question: Coiffure
Solution: Hairdo

Question: Dealer Usually In Expensive Fabrics
Solution: Mercer

Question: Device To Capture Photos Most Cellphones Have It
Solution: Camera

Question: Draft Drawing To Represent Chief Features
Solution: Sketch

Question: Gianluigi Longtime Italian Goalkeeper
Solution: Buffon

Question: Heavy Dug Deep Changed European Agriculture
Solution: Plough

Question: In A Foreign Country
Solution: Abroad

Question: International Around The World
Solution: Global

Question: Marilyn Blonde Bombshell
Solution: Monroe

Question: Peters Epistles Were Written While He Was
Solution: Bishop

Question: Placed At End Of Word To Change Meaning
Solution: Suffix

Question: Robin Hoods Maiden
Solution: Marian

Question: Snails Can Sleep For Three
Solution: Months

Question: There Are 12 In A Year
Solution: Months

Question: Using Physical Or Mental Energy Making An
Solution: Effort

Question: Wealthy Landowner Who Later Became A Pirate
Solution: Bonnet

Question: Fire Indie Rock Band Based In Montreal
Solution: Arcade

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