Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 191 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: 1942 Battle The First Involving Aircraft Carriers
Solution: Coral sea

Question: Barcelona Monument To An Explorer On The Ramblas
Solution: Columbus

Question: Chocolate Flowing Chocolate Fondue Maker
Solution: Fountain

Question: Cured Beef Found In Many Deli Sandwiches
Solution: Pastrami

Question: Either The Martyr Or The Confessor
Solution: St edward

Question: Escaped One Country To Join Another
Solution: Defected

Question: Holes In The Outer Layer Of Your Teeth
Solution: Cavities

Question: Largest Land Mammal Hunted For Its Ivory Tusks
Solution: Elephant

Question: Latin Phrase Acknowledging Guilt Or Blame
Solution: Mea culpa

Question: Like A Cloud Vague Concept
Solution: Nebulous

Question: Little Ones Have Big Ears
Solution: Pitchers

Question: Merrie Cartoon Series Including Tweetie Pie
Solution: Melodies

Question: Pacino Film About Fictional Cuban Drug Lord
Solution: Scarface

Question: Spanish Travel Agency Offering Low Cost Excursions
Solution: No frills

Question: Spiky Plants Often With Purple Flowers
Solution: Thistles

Question: Talk Show Host Jerry
Solution: Springer

Question: Temperament Behaviour
Solution: Attitude

Question: This Guy Was Stranded On An Island
Solution: Robinson

Question: With An Abnormal Appearance
Solution: Deformed

Question: Wheel Device Used On Thread Indian Origins
Solution: Spinning

Question: In A In A Neat Summary
Solution: Nutshell

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