Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 189 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: A Perpendicular Descent Of A Water Stream
Solution: Waterfall

Question: Artificial Sweetener Made From Aspartic Acid
Solution: Aspartame

Question: Bad Tempered Like A Hooked Knitting Craft
Solution: Crotchety

Question: Bibi Swedish Actress Of Persona
Solution: Andersson

Question: Development Or Incubation In The Womb
Solution: Gestation

Question: From December To January Tenth Zodiac Sign
Solution: Capricorn

Question: Heavy Animals Dali Made Them Light With Stick Legs
Solution: Elephants

Question: Savage Rude Uncivil Uncultivated Wild
Solution: Barbarian

Question: Savage Uncivil Person
Solution: Barbarian

Question: Savage Uncivilized
Solution: Barbarian

Question: Site Of The Original Royal Observatory In S London
Solution: Greenwich

Question: Subatomic Particles
Solution: Electrons

Question: Tool Used To Beat Whip And Combine Ingredients
Solution: Hand mixer

Question: Dior French Fashion House
Solution: Christian

Question: Revolution Portuguese Flowery Coup Of 1975
Solution: Carnation

Question: Of The Two Holy Mosques Mecca Medina
Solution: Custodian

Question: Stadium Of Rugbys Central Cheetahs
Solution: Free state

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