Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 189 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: Australian Director Of The Movie Romeo Juliet
Solution: Luhrmann

Question: Bartail Or Indian Lies On Mud To Hide
Solution: Flathead

Question: Beethoven For Example
Solution: Composer

Question: Clark Kent
Solution: Superman

Question: Claudia German Supermodel
Solution: Schiffer

Question: Country That Robert The Bruce Led To Freedom
Solution: Scotland

Question: End Of Christmas The Three Kings Arrive
Solution: Epiphany

Question: Fee Paid In Advance
Solution: Retainer

Question: Flattened Spaghetti Pasta Strands
Solution: Linguine

Question: Glindas Palace Is In Country
Solution: Quadling

Question: Hard Working At Learning
Solution: Studious

Question: One After January And Three Before May
Solution: February

Question: People Or Animals Who Like To Be With Others
Solution: Sociable

Question: Small Fish With An Equine Like Head
Solution: Seahorse

Question: Spanish Artist Famous For Painting The Farm
Solution: Joan miro

Question: Sprawling Untidy
Solution: Straggly

Question: Squeaking From An Infinite Loop
Solution: Feedback

Question: The Festival Annual Summer Festival In Ontario
Solution: Hillside

Question: The Sting Of A Is The Truth Of It
Solution: Reproach

Question: Witch Hunting US Senator Of The 1950s
Solution: Mc carthy

Question: Webster Film Character Involved In Labor Union
Solution: Norma rae

Question: Moons Orbit Within Saturns Rings System
Solution: Shepherd

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