Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 189 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: A Reversal In Your Progress
Solution: Setback

Question: An Allotrope Of Carbon Like The Graphite
Solution: Diamond

Question: Atmospheric Pressure Lines On A Weather Map
Solution: Isobars

Question: Courtesy Title Added To A Male Name On An Envelope
Solution: Esquire

Question: Easily Damaged Broken Shattered Flimsy Frail
Solution: Fragile

Question: Estadio Monumental De In Venezuela
Solution: Maturin

Question: Extremely Stupid Or Foolish
Solution: Asinine

Question: Female Deity
Solution: Goddess

Question: Playwright Who Wrote Look Back In Anger John
Solution: Osborne

Question: Quick Break From Driving On A Road Trip
Solution: Pitstop

Question: Sherman Real Life George Jefferson
Solution: Hemsley

Question: To Make Artwork Available For People To See
Solution: Exhibit

Question: Travel To And From Work Eg From The Suburbs
Solution: Commute

Question: Versatile Bean Can Be Turned Into Imitation Meat
Solution: Soy bean

Question: You Catch Fewer Flies With It
Solution: Vinegar

Question: Duncan Famous US Dancer From 1900s
Solution: Isadora

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