Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 186 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: A Great City A Great
Solution: Solitude

Question: An Open Wound That Is Beginning To Heal
Solution: Scabbing

Question: Astrologically Wet Sign
Solution: Aquarius

Question: Catcher In The Rye Author
Solution: Salinger

Question: Closed Tightly Again
Solution: Resealed

Question: Game With Bats A Ball And Four Bases On A Field
Solution: Baseball

Question: Italys Airline Carrier Based Out Of Rome
Solution: Alitalia

Question: Luxurious French Food Made Of Goose Liver
Solution: Foie gras

Question: Marked By Abundant Inventiveness Or Productivity
Solution: Prolific

Question: Novice Male Monastic In Buddhism
Solution: Samanera

Question: Ornithorhynchus Anatinus Semiaquatic Mammal
Solution: Platypus

Question: Quick Burst Of Plague Conditions
Solution: Outbreak

Question: Red Skin Fruit With Hooked Hairs And Whitish Flesh
Solution: Rambutan

Question: Refreshing Summertime Beverage Treat
Solution: Lemonade

Question: Refreshing Summertime Beverage A Beyonce Album
Solution: Lemonade

Question: Scientist Politician On US 100 Bills
Solution: Franklin

Question: Silicate Minerals Removed From Buildings
Solution: Asbestos

Question: The Capital Of Saint Barthelemy
Solution: Gustavia

Question: Report Report To Shareholders On Net Benefits
Solution: Earnings

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