Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 186 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: 4th American Idol Country Singer Carrie
Solution: Underwood

Question: A Device That Lets Us View Distant Space Objects
Solution: Telescope

Question: Art Of Constructing Catalogues
Solution: Anagraphy

Question: Art Technique Usually Done In Pottery Or Clay
Solution: Sculpture

Question: Colorful Minerals Used In Bracelets Tiaras Etc
Solution: Gemstones

Question: Device Used To Open A Tin
Solution: Can opener

Question: Flight Attendants Who Look After Passengers Needs
Solution: Cabin crew

Question: Forwards Mail To A New Address
Solution: Redirects

Question: Furniture In A Living Room For Putting Items On
Solution: Sideboard

Question: Gianni FIFA President Elected In 2016
Solution: Infantino

Question: Heretic Non Conformist
Solution: Dissenter

Question: Indian Bat Sword Also Used As A Tool
Solution: Ayda katti

Question: Instrumental Music In Middle Of Opera Play
Solution: Interlude

Question: Month Between August And October
Solution: September

Question: Nobody Wins When A Game Of Chess Ends This Way
Solution: Stale mate

Question: Number Of Olympic Swimming Events
Solution: Seventeen

Question: Overalls Made Of Thick Cotton Cloth Often Blue
Solution: Dungarees

Question: Person Or Animal In A Book Movie Or Play
Solution: Character

Question: Referred To As The Lion City Or The Little Red Dot
Solution: Singapore

Question: Set Up And Organize Or To Found
Solution: Establish

Question: Zeal Without Is A Runaway Horse
Solution: Knowledge

Question: Candler Business Tycoon Who Founded Coca Cola
Solution: Asa griggs

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