Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 186 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: Ancient Chinese Hexagram Text Classic Of Changes
Solution: I ching

Question: Classic Movie The Of Oz
Solution: Wizard

Question: Conspicuous Device Used To Attract Attention
Solution: Beacon

Question: French Pastry Filled With Cream Chocolate On Top
Solution: Eclair

Question: Large Flat Surface To Watch Movies On
Solution: Screen

Question: Of Or Related To Bears
Solution: Ursine

Question: Organ In The Mouth That Helps You Eat And Speak
Solution: Tongue

Question: Swiss Canton Between Lucerne And Zurich Lakes
Solution: Schwyz

Question: The Feeling Of Having Done Something Before
Solution: Dejavu

Question: To Capture Someones Attention To Involve
Solution: Engage

Question: Tool For Cutting Wheat
Solution: Scythe

Question: Transparent Lemon And Lime Carbonated Drink
Solution: Sprite

Question: Unfilled Space Within A Mass A Hollowed Out Space
Solution: Cavity

Question: Distribution Probability Theory Statistics
Solution: Normal

Question: Island Moai That European Traders Came Across
Solution: Easter

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