Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 185 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: Farther Than Outside Or Past The Normal Limits
Solution: Beyond

Question: French Fashion House Singer Dion
Solution: CĂ©line

Question: Hair Cut At Different Lengths Has These
Solution: Layers

Question: Handing Over Money For Goods Or Services
Solution: Paying

Question: Jane Pride And Prejudice Writer
Solution: Austen

Question: Number Of Maximum Soccer Players On Field Per Team
Solution: Eleven

Question: Of Or Related To A Primate One Went To The Moon
Solution: Monkey

Question: Parish Officer Of The Anglican Church Archaic Term
Solution: Beadle

Question: Patriarch Of The Family Dad
Solution: Father

Question: Reapplying The Undersides Of A Shoe
Solution: Resole

Question: Related To A Primate One Was Sent Into Space
Solution: Monkey

Question: Someone Who Taxes Will Face Criminal Charges
Solution: Evades

Question: Spray Of Water Used To Clean Yourself
Solution: Shower

Question: Swiss City That Lies At The Southern Tip Of A Lake
Solution: Geneva

Question: Swiss City United Nations Headquarters
Solution: Geneva

Question: Term Meaning Nobles Indo European People
Solution: Aryans

Question: To Turn Aside Flip Reverse Or Turn Over
Solution: Invert

Question: Tooth Having A Single Point Like A Dogs Fang
Solution: Cuspid

Question: Type Of Electricity That Makes Your Hair Stand Up
Solution: Static

Question: Type Of Spread Made From A Legume Butter
Solution: Peanut

Question: LeZion Israeli City Founded By Russians
Solution: Rishon

Question: Is The Leader Of The Gorgons
Solution: Medusa

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