Codycross Amusement Park Group 220 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Amusement Park

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Codycross Amusement Park Answers

Question: A Pocket Watch With A Hinged Cover
Solution: Hunter

Question: First Computer Game Was Created In 1971
Solution: Arcade

Question: German Officer Known As The Desert Fox In WWII
Solution: Rommel

Question: Happy Days Jukebox Master
Solution: Fonzie

Question: Honorary Title Conferred Upon Mounted Warriors
Solution: Knight

Question: Isthmus Connecting North America To South America
Solution: Panama

Question: Laurence UK Writer And Dramatist
Solution: Binyon

Question: Meat Cooked On Skewers Over A Barbecue
Solution: Kebabs

Question: Pandas Food Staple Eco Friendly Flooring
Solution: Bamboo

Question: Physician
Solution: Doctor

Question: Pluricentric Language Spoken In West Africa
Solution: Yoruba

Question: Preserved Objects Of Religious Significance
Solution: Relics

Question: Roman God Of Light Music Healing Poetry
Solution: Apollo

Question: Shortened Word For Famous People
Solution: Celebs

Question: The Capital Of Lesotho
Solution: Maseru

Question: They Go Camping Learn Skills Even Sell Cookies
Solution: Scouts

Question: This Piece Can Move Diagonally In Chess
Solution: Bishop

Question: Vivacious Energetic
Solution: Lively

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