Codycross Amusement Park Group 219 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Amusement Park

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Codycross Amusement Park Answers

Question: A Female Sibling
Solution: Sister

Question: Beer To Which Lemonade Is Added
Solution: Shandy

Question: Bernardus Was A Dutch Historical Painter
Solution: Accama

Question: Bets
Solution: Wagers

Question: Chemical Components That Contain Oxygen
Solution: Oxides

Question: Christmas Song Night
Solution: Silent

Question: French Film Festival Gives Away Golden Palms
Solution: Cannes

Question: Im Going To Tell You A Madonna Documentary
Solution: Secret

Question: Keeper Of A British Royal Park Or Forest
Solution: Ranger

Question: Machu Famous Ancient Incan City Built On Stone
Solution: Picchu

Question: One Who Tends Cattle Or Horses
Solution: Cowboy

Question: Quotable Sentence
Solution: Phrase

Question: Reddish Blue Color Plant With A Purple Flower
Solution: Violet

Question: The Komodo Is The Largest Lizard In The World
Solution: Dragon

Question: The Stress On A Syllable Consonant Or Vowel
Solution: Accent

Question: Theatrical Performers
Solution: Actors

Question: They Beat
Solution: Hearts

Question: Tradesperson Who Fuses Metals Using A Torch
Solution: Welder

Question: William Aviation Mogul Company Has His Name
Solution: Boeing

Question: Pirlo Italian Midfielder With Great Vision
Solution: Andrea

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