Codycross Amusement Park Group 216 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Amusement Park

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Codycross Amusement Park Answers

Question: An Irrational Fear Of Animals
Solution: Zoophobia

Question: Brand Name For Large US Motorhome
Solution: Winnebago

Question: Chinese Gooseberry Green Flesh Furry Brown Skin
Solution: Kiwifruit

Question: Driving A Small Open Wheel Car For Fun
Solution: Go karting

Question: Flight Routes That Cover The Least Distance
Solution: Short haul

Question: German Lake Also Known As The Bodensee
Solution: Constance

Question: Indonesian Yellow Cake Made Of Tapioca Flour
Solution: Bika ambon

Question: Lady Of Lorien
Solution: Galadriel

Question: Leonard American Conductor And Composer
Solution: Bernstein

Question: Long Distance Race That Consists Of Three Parts
Solution: Triathlon

Question: Man Who Pepped Up The US Car Industry
Solution: Henry ford

Question: Man Who Revolutionized The US Car Industry
Solution: Henry ford

Question: Motorsport With A Small Open Wheel Car
Solution: Go karting

Question: Original Name Of A Colorful 3D Brain Teaser
Solution: Magic cube

Question: Prepare
Solution: Make ready

Question: Ridiculous Absurd
Solution: Ludicrous

Question: Ruled By Vanity Only Interested In Oneself
Solution: Egotistic

Question: Superior First Class Cabin On Board Of A Ship
Solution: Stateroom

Question: The Fabulous US Film Pfeiffer And The Bridges
Solution: Baker boys

Question: The Crafty Lady By Vermeer
Solution: Lacemaker

Question: Vessel Powered By A Furnace And Water
Solution: Steamship

Question: Won Triumphed
Solution: Succeeded

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