Codycross Amusement Park Group 206 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Amusement Park

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Codycross Amusement Park Answers

Question: Afraid Of Hard Labor
Solution: Workshy

Question: Anything Thrown As A Missile
Solution: Dingbat

Question: Body Of A Lion Wings Of An Eagle
Solution: Gryphon

Question: British Rock And Blues Artist Who Sang For Layla
Solution: Clapton

Question: Capital Of Guinea
Solution: Conakry

Question: Carbon Greenhouse Gas In The Atmosphere
Solution: Dioxide

Question: Clock That Shows The Numbers Not Analog
Solution: Digital

Question: Discovering
Solution: Finding

Question: Distention Is Being From Internal Pressure
Solution: Swollen

Question: Event During Which People Discuss Business
Solution: Meeting

Question: Filo Made Pastry From The Ottoman Empire
Solution: Baklava

Question: French Term For Stewed Or Preserved Fruit
Solution: Compote

Question: La Santa Maria La Pinta And La Nina
Solution: Caravel

Question: Loud Sounding Natural Phenomenon
Solution: Thunder

Question: Louis French Fashion House With Monogram
Solution: Vuitton

Question: Marine Fish Belonging To The Carangidae Family
Solution: Pompano

Question: Mystic Or Prophetic Trance
Solution: Ecstasy

Question: New Wine Shouldnt Be Put Into Old Ones
Solution: Bottles

Question: One Of The 13 Words Impossible To Play In Scrabble
Solution: Pizzazz

Question: Paint Through The Holes Of This Cut Out Card
Solution: Stencil

Question: Placing Possessions To Move To Another Location
Solution: Packing

Question: Rifle Invented By German Hugo Schmeisser
Solution: Assault

Question: Sweet Dessert Pastry With A Layer Of Chopped Nuts
Solution: Baklava

Question: They Like Inflicting Pain
Solution: Sadists

Question: To Make Or Create A Fabric With A Hooked Needle
Solution: Crochet

Question: What Infants Drink Instead Of Milk
Solution: Formula

Question: You Must Control This To Not Gain Weight
Solution: Portion

Question: Hook Peter Pans Archenemy
Solution: Captain

Question: New Year Spring Or Lantern Festival
Solution: Chinese

Question: Stadium 2002 Japanese Soccer Field
Solution: Saitama

Question: Quo You Scratch My Back Ill Scratch Yours
Solution: Quid pro

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