Codycross Airport Group 444 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Airport

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Codycross Airport Answers

Question: German City Home To The European Central Bank
Solution: Frankfurt

Question: He Was Pursued Relentlessly By Elmer Fudd
Solution: Bugs bunny

Question: Hired Killers Of Important People
Solution: Assassins

Question: Ill And Confined To A Sleeping Place
Solution: Bedridden

Question: Mammal With A Pouch
Solution: Marsupial

Question: Naughtily Enter The Frame When The Shutter Clicks
Solution: Photobomb

Question: Original Arcade Luigi Game Before It Became Super
Solution: Mario bros

Question: Rear Illumination For An Automobile
Solution: Tail light

Question: Some Say Its The Sincerest Form Of Flattery
Solution: Imitation

Question: Steel 1989 Comedy Drama Film With Sally Field
Solution: Magnolias

Question: Two Of Verona By Shakespeare
Solution: Gentlemen

Question: Undergarments Worn To Give A Smooth Appearance
Solution: Shapewear

Question: Vagueness Indistinctness Confusion
Solution: Ambiguity

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