Codycross Airport Group 444 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Airport

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Codycross Airport Answers

Question: Anagram Of The Plane Another Word For Pachyderm
Solution: Elephant

Question: Art Templates With Cut Out Designs
Solution: Stencils

Question: Avalanche Of Wet Earth
Solution: Mudslide

Question: Beginning Of A Symphony
Solution: Overture

Question: Beginning Of An Opera Or Musical
Solution: Overture

Question: Chilling Putting Ones Feet Up
Solution: Relaxing

Question: Colourless Alkaloid Active Constituent Of Tobacco
Solution: Nicotine

Question: Cowboy Movies
Solution: Westerns

Question: Freedom To Travel Expanse Of Tarmac Ahead
Solution: Open road

Question: Friends Star Cox
Solution: Courtney

Question: Jamaican Rapper Featured With Beyonce On Baby Boy
Solution: Sean paul

Question: Logical Well Reasoned
Solution: Rational

Question: Negligent
Solution: Careless

Question: Promising Solemnly
Solution: Pledging

Question: Ran Rapidly
Solution: Sprinted

Question: Removing Covering From Peas
Solution: Shelling

Question: Sign Of The Zodiac Comes First Alphabetically
Solution: Aquarius

Question: Slot Are Found In A Casino
Solution: Machines

Question: Sudden Unexpected Good Fortune
Solution: Windfall

Question: Suffered A Technical Malfunction
Solution: Glitched

Question: Those Holding Unorthodox Or Sacrilegious Views
Solution: Heretics

Question: Throat Tissues Can Be Removed With Tonsils
Solution: Adenoids

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