Codycross Airport Group 444 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Airport

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Codycross Airport Answers

Question: Country Bordering Guatemala On The North
Solution: Mexico

Question: Feel Good TV Show With A Hero Rough Collie Star
Solution: Lassie

Question: Fish Sign Of The Zodiac
Solution: Pisces

Question: Himalayan Person Who Guides Climbers On Everest
Solution: Sherpa

Question: Homo Sapiens
Solution: Humans

Question: Hot And Humid Passionate And Attractive
Solution: Sultry

Question: Inflated Cushion Invented For Car Safety
Solution: Airbag

Question: Language Where Mazel Tov Means Congratulations
Solution: Hebrew

Question: Palm Tree Fibre Used To Weave Mats And Baskets
Solution: Raffia

Question: People Who Make Bread
Solution: Bakers

Question: Self Service Dining Option
Solution: Buffet

Question: Song By Duran Duran Like The Wolf
Solution: Hungry

Question: Sport Portrayed In The Film Million Dollar Baby
Solution: Boxing

Question: Sweat Inducing
Solution: Sultry

Question: Vestments Worn By Nuns
Solution: Habits

Question: Walking Aid To Those With A Limp
Solution: Crutch

Question: Famine Irish Disaster Of The 1840s
Solution: Potato

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