Codycross Airport Group 441 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Airport

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Codycross Airport Answers

Question: Battle Of 1642 The First Of The English Civil War
Solution: Edgehill

Question: Changing Anagram Of Triangle
Solution: Altering

Question: Eating Lightly
Solution: Snacking

Question: Gator Won Heisman Tried Baseball In 2016
Solution: Tim tebow

Question: Greek God Of The Sea And Tritons Father
Solution: Poseidon

Question: Largest Of The US Great Lakes
Solution: Superior

Question: Losing Density
Solution: Thinning

Question: Main Body Section Of An Aeroplane
Solution: Fuselage

Question: Makes Someone Troubled Or Nervous
Solution: Agitates

Question: People Held Hostage
Solution: Captives

Question: Prime Number The Sum Of Two Squares 16 25
Solution: Forty one

Question: Revealed Information Disclosed
Solution: Divulged

Question: Unfairly Not In A Morally Right Way
Solution: Unjustly

Question: Unnerves Bothers
Solution: Agitates

Question: Wearing Black Clothes Has This Effect
Solution: Slimming

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